Displaced Recreation (2018) - Marroc
Displaced Recreation (2018) - Marroc

Displaced Recreation (2018)

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Stuffed Animal, Clay, Lego

15 x 15 x 40 cm


Marcos Angelini:

"The idea for my artwork was to recreate the surrealist type of art known as "exquisite corpse. I achieved this through fragmentation because my artwork is split into three sections, (the lego, clay and stuffed animal) but also partial delineation because only certain parts of each object in my artwork are shown, for example only the torso of a full body sculpture is shown, or only the head of a stuffed animal is showed etc. The last technique I used was disguise, by spray painting the whole artwork white.

Although all of the materials that I used for this artwork can be considered toys or games for children, by putting them together as one creating this supernatural looking creature, it raises questions on the different functions of these toys and that the way you use them creates a whole different variety of emotions rather than their traditional use.

Not only did the way that I used these materials create an uncanny/uncomfortable figure, but also by painting it all white, it took away the playful aspect of my materials even more, because instead of seeing all of the colors of the legos and the bright colors of the stuffed animal, making the artwork all white just created a creepier and lifeless creature."