Our Story

In the summer of 2019, the artistic aspirations of two brothers manifested into Marroc.

Co-founder Marcos Angelini grew up immersed in the rapidly growing skate culture, experiencing the different communities of skaters and artists in the various countries that he lived in.

Picking up his first skateboard at 6 years old, Marcos is no stranger to the skateboarding culture, taking to the streets and parks of England, Turkey, Brazil, and the United States in his journey.

The freedom of self-expression embedded in the culture inspired brothers Marcos and Tomas Angelini to begin their own clothing brand, promoting the artistic, bold, non-comformist values that they believe in.

Our Mission

We're here to embrace and empower the international identity.

Our Reason For Being

At Marroc, we believe in every individual's international identity – There is a side to every one of us that belongs to many parts of the world, through our family and the directions of our lives. However, many of us are denied our international identity and shut off from new locations and opportunities. Through our resources, we aim to drive acceptance and inclusion for a more open world.
Marroc encapsulates the international identity: The two founders, Marcos and Tomas, began the business from two continents: Designs for our products are developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, while operations are led in Los Angeles, United States. We appreciate the value that diversity brings in all aspects of life, and aim to share that value with the world.
Our mission is to help others embrace their international identity, and to bring a fight against those who impose barriers and borders on those of our global family. We will not let borders limit our potential, and will continue to give our time and work to help organisations across the globe helping those seeking refuge and new opportunities through immigration. When times are at their worst, we will be there as a reminder that we must fight the world’s problems together, not in isolation.
We do not belong anywhere – we belong everywhere.